In Memory

Allan J. Chadburn

After graduation Allan had a dream of setting the record for sailing across the Atlantic Ocean in the smallest boat to date. He spent 10 years designing and building his sailing craft,"The Dream'" which was 8 feet 4 inches long and had a cabin too small to allow him to lie down in. He said "this voyage is my dream". Allan set sail from Nauset Massachusetts Cape Cod on April 9, 1975 on what was to be a 50 day, 2,800 mile voyage to the Portuguese fishing village of Leixo. He was sighted by a fishing vessel 1 week later 120 miles from Cape Cod. That was the last sighting of Allan. He failed to arrive in Portugal and after an extensive search nothing was found. Allan, 29 was survived by his wife Natalie (Velho) Chadburn, also a classmate of ours who passed away in November 1978 and two sons Joseph 8 and James 5.