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Date Unknown

Bill Murphy age 72, passed away in the country of The Republic of Georgia in November of 2018. He left a wife and is buried in The Republic of Georgia.

No obituary or other information has been located on his death.

Biography of Bill Murphy

Murphy was born 1946 in East Hartford, Connecticut, USA and spent his childhood on the South Coast of Massachusetts. Murphy studied art at the University of Massachusetts and community colleges in California and Hawaii. For him, learning is an ongoing process; skill is the product of daily experience and years of practice. After graduating from UMass Amherst in 1968, Murphy served in the US Army as an officer with the Special Forces. He has lived in Central America, Europe, the Mid-East, the former USSR, the Northeast US, California and Hawaii. Murphy has traveled extensively. He has traveled far from where he began his artistic career in Laguna Beach. Murphy started signing his work, i.Murphy, in the year 2000.

He moved from California to France in the spring of 1999. Murphy commuted between Ukraine and France for six years before returning to the USA. He is acquainted with many artists in Kiev, Lviv, Lugansk and Yalta where he became interested in film making. He now resides in Tbilisi, Georgia. The collaborative titled, Project W, was originated from Moscow. He assisted in the creation of the graphic arts program at the Art Institute in Lugansk. He has extensive "hands-on" experience with large format printers, referred to sometimes as Giclée printers.

Early on, Murphy displayed his works in Laguna Beach and Scottsdale, AZ. His work is on display in museums in both the USA and Europe. Murphy has exhibited his works at art galleries in Spain, Ukraine, France, USA and Georgia. His painting and sculptures were part of the 1999 City of Los Angeles Juried Art Show. Murphy is listed on the International Registry of Art and Artists, an artists' database developed from The Getty Foundation. He has appeared on Russian Television, ABC and NBC; his works have been published in national publications, including Maxim Magazine. He does art, print and design consultantions and assisted in the developmental stages of digital color-assurance technology used throughout this site.

Murphy participated in the Inaugural Lugansk Body Painting Festival from which he executed a multiple print series. He created this very popular website which was launched in 1997. This site has received many awards.

Murphy has been invited to to display his artwork at: the Artist's Workshop, Crete, Greece; Art International - Zurich, ArtWalk San Diego; the Biennale di Firenze, Italy; Montserrat Gallery in Soho NYC; Art-Philadelphia,; XXX Aniversario Batik, Barcelona; Salon International de Peinture et de Sculpture 4e edition, Monte Carlo, November: Gallery Gora, Montreal; Art in the West, Galway, Ireland, Montreal's International Festival of Erotic Art, Omma Center of Contemporary Art, Santa Barbara and Salon de Expace #3 in Brooklyn. Murphy's work to appeared in Instair Arts June2005 Exhibition of New Computer Art.

Murphy was interviewed on Russian-language television. A complete segment of this mini-series was devoted to Murphy's recollections and comments on art and the art world. Was it Pablo Picasso who when asked, "What is art?" responded, "If I knew, I wouldn't tell anyone."

In addition to his painting and digital accomplishments, Murphy has writtem poetry. He is a gifted-artist who is dedicated to his work and to making a contribution to the local community. He has given much of his time to community volunteer projects. This is central to his philosophy and fundamental to his appreciation of life.

Murphy began his art career as a painter. Today, he is primarily a computer artist, printmaker and videographer. His early work with watercolors and oils offers a rich, spontaneous style. Recently, his efforts have been focused on digitally-mastered prints and film with a keen interest slowly emerging in live theater. He has demonstrated a diverse capability delivering minimalist to NeoPopRealism. His works are world-class. Murphy's goal as a contemporary artist is to engage the viewer and elicit an emotion. With simple forms and lines it is possible to create a subtle complexity. An overview of Murphy's work can refresh the senses and might encourage participation. We experience joy for ourselves and in our world. Murphy believes that the creative experience enlarges our spiritual world and begs for an increased participation in life and can foster a greater sense of belonging.

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